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According to former Congressman Zach Wamp in an article in the Chattanooga Times Free Press on July 2nd, "..same sex marriage has evolved..." Just how has gay marriage evolved, Mr. Wamp?

Vote on an amendment banning adoptions in District of Columbia by gays or other individuals who are not related by blood or marriage. Click here for definitions & background information on Civil Rights. Click here for a profile of Zach Wamp.

Same-sex marriage one of many issues that should be decided at the state level. Zach Wamp Member of U.S. Congress 1995-2011, 3rd Tennessee District. The opinions expressed in this editorial belong solely to the author, notNooga.comor its employees.

"The whole issue of same-sex marriage has evolved," former U.S. Rep. Zach Wamp said in a recent phone interview. Wamp praised the Supreme Court for responding to changes in public opinion and momentum in the gay rights movement.

This speech was way too awesome to not have epic music help put the finishing touches on it.
Movie: Zach Wahls Epic Pro Gay Marriage Speech - YouTube